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The Bell Tower Community Café is open Friday nights (bi-weekly) and welcomes everyone. Our next café is Friday, Sept. 26, 2014, featuring Cassidy Mann on stage. Free meals. Free live music. Free food hampers. What a great way to work together as a community!

If you’d like to volunteer at the next café night, show up at 5:30 p.m. and join in! See Meaghan Pauls, our coordinator, if you have any questions. Everyone is welcome as a guest when the doors open at 6:30 p.m.

If you need a free food hamper on Friday night, please register with our community partner Winnipeg Harvest at 204-982-3660 (Monday-Saturday, 8:30AM-4:00PM).

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Our latest MEDIA COVERAGE: The Broadcaster (Summer 2014)

The diversity that was present and the ability to create—through the use of art—a model of ministry that blurs charity and justice models of outreach was pretty great! —Richard

A hybrid cafe/food bank is such a terrific concept, particularly in removing some of the stigma attached to the latter. To paraphrase Amartya Sen, the true test of citizenship is the ability to participate in society without shame. —Peyton

This kind of work is answering what was a vague personal and spiritual search for something meaningful that until now had not taken shape. —Loretta

Sometimes we are in need and sometimes what we need is to give. A place that respectfully welcomes the person as having something of value to contribute, regardless of income, would go a long way to reversing some of the shame involved that can keep people from even using their neighbourhood food banks. A shame-free space allows creative thinking to happen and encourages practical problem solving within the community itself. Building people builds communities. —Jolaine

The Bell Tower Community Café is bringing people together from West Broadway, Wolseley & across Winnipeg. We're a Friday night coffee house (bi-weekly) where people from all walks of life are making good things together: free eats, free coffee & tea, free live music, and free food hampers for people in the neighborhood.

The Bell Tower Community Café is a partnership between community residents, Winnipeg businesses, local musicians, non-profits, Winnipeg Harvest, and Westminster Church.

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  • Our Dream

    We think the biggest problems are solved when friends and neighbours become a community. We're going to disrupt poverty by making good things together.

  • Volunteers

    Our tagline is making good things together because we couldn't do it without volunteers like you. Send us a note and we'll tell you how to get involved.

  • Donations

    We're so grateful for the financial support of people that care. You can make an online donation through our partner CanadaHelps.org (donation receipts issued).

Thank you to our community partners!

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